blue-fairy-book-folioSaturdays seem to be good days for window shoppers. Today we sold four books from the window and another is potentially on the point of departure.

The Folio Society edition of The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. made me realise how long it is since I clapped eyes on the full set of the original ‘coloured’ fairy lang-blue-fairy-bookbooks, which were published as follows: The Blue Fairy Book, 1889; The Red Fairy Book – 1890; The Green Fairy Book, 1892; The Yellow Fairy Book, 1894; The Pink Fairy Book, 1897; The Grey Fairy Book, 1900; The Violet Fairy Book, 1901; The Crimson Fairy Book, 1903; The Brown Fairy Book, 1904; The Orange Fairy Book, 1906; The Olive Fairy Book, 1907; The Lilac Fairy Book, 1910.